Things you can do to
help the birds

Utah Lake is important to the migration of birds.

Birding Apps

A joint initiative of the California Academy of Science and the National Geographic Society.

iNaturalist is an app that helps collect data in your area. As you are out hiking or on walks, take pictures of the flora and fauna and upload them to iNaturalist. It will help you identify the plants and animals you see as well as collect the data of what plants and animals are in your area.

This app is one way to be a citizen scientist. You record your observations, share what you have found with other citizen scientist and discuss your findings.

Audubon Birding App

Merlin Bird ID
Created by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Equipment for birding

When birding, you will want to make sure you are prepared for the environment you will be bird watching in. Being prepared will make the experience better. Be prepared for the season or weather.

Some key equipment to have-

Field guides and apps
Good shoes
Insect Repellent-especial if you are close to water.
Plenty Water

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Site ID: 2368
Site Name: Provo Bay – Utah Lake UT06

Contact email:

Priority: State
Acres: 5,754.27
(Latitude, Longitude): ( 40.19-111.70 )

Birds in this Area
Audubon Important Bird Areas Utah
Site ID: 2364
Site Name: Goshen Bay – Utah Lake UT07
Contact email:
Priority: State
Acres: 17,817.39
(Latitude, Longitude): ( 40.01-111.89 )
Birds in this Area